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Magic Square App Launched in Windows Phone Store!

My first app has been released in the Windows Phone Store! Check it out here:

Magic Square is based on the 1970's Parker Brothers Handheld Merlin(TM) game. 

How to Play Magic Square: After starting a new game, a random pattern of circles will be displayed. The object of this game is to change this pattern into a square.  (i.e. All circles lit except for the center one) 
You accomplish this by pressing the circles. Each circle you press will alter the pattern slightly. 

For example: 
Pressing the circles in the corners (1,3,7,9) will invert the display of the circle you pressed and the 3 circles surrounding it. 
Pressing circles 2 or 8 will invert their display as well as the circles to the left and right of them. 
Pressing circles 4 or 6 will invert their display as well as the display of the circles above and below. 
Pressing the center circle (5) will invert the display of 5 as well as the circles above, below, left and right. 
Circles can be pressed multiple times. 

Your skill level can be assessed by the number of circles you have to press to complete the square. (Mathematically, any pattern can be solved in 9 moves or fewer)

Good Luck, and remember this was designed for a 7 year old.